Dentures – Sachse, TX

Give Your Smile the Complete Look It Deserves

Woman with dentures in Sachse

Tooth loss is a problem that millions of people currently experience. Apart from the lack of self-esteem an incomplete smile can cause, patients also struggle with the ability to live life to the fullest. Enjoying a meal with family or speaking to a group of professionals can feel impossible and even embarrassing. This is why Wiese Dental is pleased to provide full, partial, and implant dentures for anyone looking to rebuild their smile. If you or a loved one needs help to fill in the gaps left behind by missing teeth, call our office today to schedule a consultation.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

Man smiling while wearing dentures

Most individuals who desire a complete smile can find dentures to be a viable solution. However, before receiving any kind of treatment, it is necessary that our dental team perform a thorough evaluation of your oral and overall health.

Your jawbone must be dense enough to support your customized prosthetic, and you must not possess any signs of decay or gum disease, as this can pose problems for your smile in the future.

Types of Dentures

Full set of dentures

At Wiese Dental, we are pleased to offer not only full and partial dentures but also those that are held in place by dental implants, also known as implant dentures.

Partial Dentures

Designed for patients with multiple missing teeth along an arch, partial dentures help to fill in the gaps and create a full smile. The prosthetic works similarly to a puzzle piece since the artificial teeth tend to be scattered along the gum-colored, acrylic base. Partials also contain a metal framework so that they clasp to healthy abutment teeth and remain in place.

Full Dentures

A full arch of missing teeth can be easily restored using a full denture. Consisting of many of the same materials as a partial denture, this type of prosthetic does not require a metal framework but instead uses a person’s natural suction. Many patients also use denture adhesive for added security while eating and/or speaking.

Implant Dentures

Made of titanium and placed in the jawbone, these custom-made prosthetics fuse with the surrounding bone tissues over time, creating a foundation of support for your new implant denture. Crafted to offer maximum stability and functionality, you can eat all your favorite foods and smile with the confidence you deserve.

Benefits of Dentures

Older woman giving a thumbs-up with her dentures

Dentures may come in many different forms, but they offer similar benefits that cannot be ignored when considering tooth replacement solutions. Some of these include:

  • The opportunity to live life with new teeth that can last 30+ years (implant dentures)
  • Prosthetics that look natural and feel comfortable while wearing
  • Improved oral and overall health, as you’ll be able to eat various foods and get the nutrients your body needs
  • Greater confidence when biting because of the increased bite force provided