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Total Smile Transformation in Only Two Appointments

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Struggling to choose which cosmetic dentistry treatment is right for you? If you’re interested in giving your smile a full makeover, then our team at Wiese Dental highly recommends veneers. This solution is versatile enough to make virtually all imperfections in your teeth – from stains and chips to small gaps and even slightly crooked teeth – disappear. Better yet, you can achieve this total smile transformation in only two appointments! Contact us today to schedule your consultation to discuss smile enhancement with porcelain veneers in Sachse, TX.


Why Choose Wiese Dental for Porcelain Veneers?

  • One-on-One Care – No Rushed Appointments
  • Cozy Dental Office Equipped with the Latest Technology
  • Experienced Dentist Committed to Continuing Education


Reasons for Porcelain Veneers

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Veneers are one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry services, and for good reason. Once these thin porcelain sheaths are cemented over the front-facing surfaces of your teeth, they instantly conceal all aesthetic flaws and give you a picture-perfect smile. In addition to their versatility, some of the benefits of veneers include:

  • Personalized solution with natural-looking results.
  • Treatment process that only takes two visits to our dental office.
  • Results that can last for an average of 10-15 years.
  • Minimal maintenance required – just regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups.

The Porcelain Veneers Process

Animated smile during porcelain veneer placement

After your consultation comes the first of the two appointments required to get veneers. To start, Dr. Wiese prepares your teeth to receive veneers by removing an ultra-thin sliver of enamel. This ensures the veneers don’t bulge out awkwardly compared to the rest of your teeth. Then, our team captures impressions of your teeth and sends them to a trusted dental lab. While the lab technicians meticulously craft your veneers, we can place temporaries over your teeth for a few weeks. Once the final veneers arrive at our dental office, we’ll remove your temporaries, make any adjustments if necessary, and permanently bond your veneers to your teeth.

Candidates for Porcelain Veneers

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Because of their versatility, patients with all kinds of cosmetic dental issues can potentially benefit from veneers. Some of the problems they can correct are: 

  • Chipped or cracked enamel.
  • Stubborn tooth stains.
  • Misshapen or worn-down teeth.
  • Small yet noticeable gaps between teeth.
  • Minor cases of crooked or rotated teeth.

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll need to be in good oral health before we can place veneers. If, during your consultation, we find untreated gum disease, cavities, or other oral concerns, we’ll need to address it before moving forward.


Understanding the Cost of Veneers

Woman in need of porcelain veneers hiding her smile

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, veneers could be the solution you’ve been looking for! However, they aren’t the right option for everyone. To find out whether or not veneers are the ideal solution for you, it’s important that you fully understand how much they cost. When you choose a skilled cosmetic dentist and invest in high-quality veneers, you can achieve beautiful results, but they aren’t the only option out there. Continue reading to learn more about cosmetic options so you can determine what’s best for you.

Cost VS Cosmetic Dentistry: What’s Right for Me?

For many patients, veneers initially seem like the best option. However, it is a good idea to look at other cosmetic treatments as well to see how they can affect your smile. They all have different price points and help you to achieve different outcomes. Here are some of the most common options:

  • Invisalign – When dealing with misalignment, Invisalign is a great way to address this without needing metal brackets and wires placed in your mouth. This treatment costs several thousands of dollars, but it is highly effective at aligning teeth.
  • Cosmetic Bonding – This is the most affordable option out there, and it can help to make minor changes, like reshaping a damaged tooth. Cosmetic bonding usually lasts between 3 and 10 years depending on location and maintenance.
  • Veneers – Veneers aren’t the cheapest option out there, but they are an easy way to transform numerous aspects of your smile, including the color, shape, and position, all at the same time.

How to Make Veneers Affordable

Veneers aren’t usually covered by dental insurance because they are considered to be elective. However, this doesn’t always mean that you will be left with the entire bill at once. We work with CareCredit – a third-party financing company that can split the cost of your treatment into manageable monthly installments with little-to-no interest. If you have any questions regarding your financial options, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our friendly team members.

To find out exactly how much you can expect veneers to cost, schedule a consultation with us. We are eager to help you achieve the smile of your dreams!


Veneers FAQs

Q and A about veneers in Sachse

A flawless smile is within your reach using veneers in Sachse. Although they can create the picture-perfect results you desire, they are a big commitment. Don't worry if you have a few concerns because Dr. Wiese will explain everything during your veneer consultation . While you wait for your appointment, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions to ease your concerns.


How Many Veneers Will I Need?

A veneer can be applied to a single tooth to improve its color, shape, and size, but the overall goal of the procedure is to enhance your entire smile. Therefore, your cosmetic dentist in Sachse will recommend bonding them to the teeth visible when smiling. Every mouth differs, so there’s no way to know how many you'll need without first examining your mouth and learning more about your goals. Some patients need as few as 4 to 6, while other people may need 8 or more.


Are Veneers Permanent?

Veneers are meant to provide long-lasting results, but they don't last forever. They need to be replaced, eventually; however, they aren't reversible if you change your mind. Dr. Wiese must remove a small amount of enamel to bond your veneers to your teeth. Although the etching process doesn't harm your teeth, your enamel won't grow back if your veneers are removed. As a result, they must always be covered by restorations, whether crowns or Veneers. Thankfully, you won't have to budget for replacements often with the right aftercare routine, like brushing and flossing.


How Long Do Veneers Last?

The average lifespan of veneers is about 10 years, but it's not uncommon for them to last for much longer. You can get the most from your investment by brushing and flossing using nonabrasive dental products. Dr. Wiese will recommend breaking any bad habits that can damage your veneers, like smoking, chewing on your fingernails, or using your teeth in place of scissors and other tools. Don't forget to visit your dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and checkup. It's also important to wear an athletic mouthguard if you play sports.


Can I Use My Dental Insurance to Pay for Veneers?

Most dental insurance can't be used for elective services unless they are medically necessary, which can be the case when needing replacement veneers. However, your coverage may pay for certain aspects of your treatment plan, like your consultation, imaging, or preparatory procedures. A member of our team will work on your behalf with your dental insurance to maximize any appropriate coverage. They'll explain how your benefits are being used and your payment options for any remaining balance, like monthly installments. You can pay any out-of-pocket expenses using a payment plan with little or no interest through a third-party financing company, like CareCredit. We have the solutions you need to invest in your best smile without spending your life's savings.