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Are you ready for your appointment with Dr. Wiese and our friendly Sachse team members? We can’t wait to see you! The information on this page will help you prepare ahead of time so that there aren’t any surprises on the day of your visit. If there are still questions on your mind, don’t worry; we’re more than happy to help! Call our dental office anytime to learn more about our dental office before your first appointment.


Your First Dental Visit

You’ll be warmly greeted by our front desk staff when you check in, and you will only need to wait a short time before being called back to our treatment area. We will ask questions about your oral health, take X-rays if needed, and examine your smile to see if there are any problems that require treatment. The next steps depend on the purpose of your initial visit and what kind of issues were found.

New Patient Forms

You can access our new patient forms with the link below. You can fill out the documentation now so that it’s ready as soon as you arrive at our dental office. This approach lets you save time on the day of your appointment that would otherwise be spent struggling with paperwork or insurance information.

Download Our Forms

Dental Insurance Welcome

Even though we are out of network with most insurance companies, you can probably use your plan here. All of our patients agree, that no matter what their plan is, Dr. Wiese offers the best value for his services due to long-term comfort, beauty, and avoidance of unnecessary or undesired treatment. Dr. Wiese works for you, not your insurance company or a corporation. Just because a dental office "takes your insurance", that doesn't necessarily mean that the overall treatment will cost you less, or be better for you in the long run. The advantage of experience is knowing what will or will not work for you. Many come to us with treatment plans from elsewhere that we can improve upon and usually save them money in the process. If you wish to have Dr. Wiese evaluate your case for a second opinion, simply ask for a free second opinion appointment and bring your estimate with you.

CareCredit Financing Available

Are you worried about how you’ll be able to cover the cost of your dental care? With dental financing, you can pay in monthly installments that fit your personal budget. You can apply for CareCredit, a trusted financing company that offers low to no interest payment plans for any number of dental treatments, including those that may not be covered by your insurance plan. Apply for CareCredit right now with the link below or call us for more information.

Apply for CareCredit