Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Sachse, TX

Helping Our Patients Learn About Dental Care

The more you know about dental care, the safer your smile will be. We always welcome the chance to answer our patient’s questions, whether it’s about the services we offer or a specific oral health issue. Before you call us with your own question, see if the answer is already listed on this page.

When Should I Schedule My Next Dental Checkup?

That depends on when your last dental checkup was. If you haven’t had one in at least six months, you should schedule one right away; ideally, you should have at least two checkups each year to catch cavities and gum disease in their early stages. Additional checkups might be needed if you’re already suffering from an advanced gum infection or another ongoing dental problem.

I’m Missing a Tooth, What Should I Do?

A missing tooth can be replaced by a bridge or a partial denture, but if you want a prosthetic that will look and feel like a natural tooth, a dental implant is often your best choice. The implant post will be inserted into the jawbone so that it can act as a new tooth root.

Can I Straighten My Teeth Without Braces?

Yes, you can, with the help of Invisalign® clear aligners. Each aligner is designed to push the teeth slightly closer to their ideal alignment, but unlike braces, they’re see-through and are very hard to notice if you’re not looking for them. Adults and teenagers who only want to make relatively small corrections to their smiles may be candidates for Invisalign.

How Can I Improve My Smile?

If you want to give your entire smile a makeover, veneers can be used to make multiple corrections at once. For those that want smaller or more specific improvements, we offer teeth whitening, dental bonding, gum recontouring, and metal-free crowns. Your cosmetic treatment plan will reflect your smile goals.

What Should I Do During a Dental Emergency?

An emergency room most likely won’t be able to properly treat your dental emergency at the source. Instead, call our dental office for help with severe toothaches, broken or knocked out teeth, lost restorations, and other urgent oral health problems. Only call the emergency room if you are showing symptoms of a life-threatening problem, such as an infection that makes it hard to breathe or swallow.

Do I Need to Be Screened for Oral Cancer?

An oral cancer screening is part of every routine dental checkup. The disease is often overlooked in its early stages, and waiting too long for treatment can result in a much bleaker prognosis; as such, we will inform you of any concerning symptoms right away so that you can get a biopsy if needed.

Do You Take My Insurance?

We are in-network with Delta Dental and can file claims for other insurance companies on your behalf.